Saturday, October 31, 2009

Small Steps on Health

A pic of sick looking me grabbed from Mr. Orman Manansala's blog

Life in the fast lane finally took its toll on me and for this reason I am making this post in the comfort of Room 222 of the General Santos Doctors Hospital.

It's a good thing that the physical examination and series of tests done on me yielded negative results. My unhealthy condition was brought about by viral infection and stress as per findings of my physician. I agree when the doctor said that with my age it's important to slow down a bit on everything that I do. With this, I vowed to do and put everything now in moderation.

I am still in the fourth decade of my life and I intend to enjoy several decades more (even if I'll be wearing adult diapers then :-) ), of course with my hubby and kids, and you my everdearest friends! For this to materialize, I must bear in mind to hang in always and to never ever forget to take small steps. . . take small steps.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank everyone
who got worried and took good care of me
Dr. Lucy W. Yap, the SPC sisters, the beautiful GSDH nurses, their dynamic ER staff, the orderlies, the dietary and the janitorial staff, the med techs and
the very amiable ultrasound dept in charge and her staff.
BIG thanks also also to my blogger-friends and all my friends out there, you truly inspired and cheered me up. Thank you, guys!
To my sister Alpha, hubby Arnel and my kids - thank you, thank you for everything! Your love and support made me stronger and more eager to continue journeying through life.
To Father God, thank you for reminding me that sometimes in our journey we have to stop and re-assess if the road we are trodding is the right one. Also, sometimes we have to halt to gas up or address some fixing problems and be reminded once more of just taking small steps.
To God be the glory!


  1. Get well soon, Jinky! Now you know... :)

  2. Tnx, Sir! Yeah, it's truly learning my lesson the hard way. . .

  3. health is wealth gyud!kitang mga 40's.extra cautious na gyud ta. ..lisod bya magkasakit ....

    yes, GOD IS SO GOOD !

  4. oh, so sad to hear that you got confined. but i'm glad that you're now recovering. i really wanna see you when i get to gensan early december. i'll share to you some health secrets i'm enjoying here. i'll just give you a ring, okay?
    yeah, you're right, take small steps. so this morning i started going back to the park to jog after my surgery.