Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuna Sale at RDEX Seafoods Shop

I am giving way to this laudable promo of RDEX Seafoods. This is in line with the celebration of our Tuna Festival.

Visit or call their branches located at:
RD Plaza 552—2788
National Highway 552-7630
Gaisano Mall-Gensan 301-9205
Calumpang 553-2847
Email: Joseph Tristan R. Sanchez []

Playing and Dancing with Fire

Tried my mettle on taking pictures of a moving subject...
not easy but it's worth it. . .
for now. . .
am in awe as this dancer performs. . .

graceful despite the danger of getting burned. . .

this part of the dancer's performance made me gasp for air. . .

Arizona Weather Zone

I have this fascination of pictures of the Grand Canyon. This majestic land form could be found in Arizona. One of the places in the world wherein I have friends residing. Knowing how succesful these friends of mine are made me wonder what's in Arizona that made them stick to the place.
I made my research about the place using my ever reliable laptop. As I read the exciting things about Arizona, the more I got familiar with the place. Their temperature there now is about 80 degrees fahrenheit. Arizona is a place whose weather ranges from cool to cold winters and warm summers or mild winters and hot summer. This is all year round so we can conclude that the weather there is fine. An ideal place really for raising a family and career advancement. No wonder, my friends there are now successful personalities in their own right.
The mild weather there attracted investors like scottsdale realtors because as expected a lot of people are now settling there. This is all because of fine weather that made Arizona an ideal place to live on.
How about you, where would you like to settle down someday?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Won't Desert Desserts!

Delectable desserts of Paseo del Sol and Ranchero Grill. . .
tempting. . .

luscious. . .

mouth-watering. . .

appetizing desserts!

The Best of Times

It's my birthday and I'm feeling nostalgic. I miss my parents so much! Thing would have been better and easier if they were around. Good thing that I have my family and friends to compensate for the longing I am experiencing right now. I see the brighter side of life and the times because of them.
I have this one friend, Naoki, a Japanese. It has been several birthdays that he was around. He would always buy me a watch during my birthday. It was because of him that I have several branded watches. The price of these watches is already quite a fortune but it did not matter to him at all.
This time around, Naoki is not at hand to give me the usual gift. He is one of those foreigners scared by the euphoria created by the media over H1N1 virus. Traveling to the Philippines is now far from his mind but he has not forgotten to call up and assured me that he still owes me a watch for this birthday of mine. Judging from his voice, I know he is happy and I know a Rolex watch is possible to come my way anytime soon.
If I have this eye for best watches, it's because of Naoki. Because of him, I have the best watches. The best of times for me, indeed!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Letter Day for Me

Today is my special day and I thank God for this very precious life He has given me. Allow me in turn to thank from the bottom of my heart the following people for being dear to me and for touching my life: (life would have been meaningless without you, guys!)

arnel, raffee, tina, tricia, gwen, sam, jasmine, alpha, allan, ahmad, bing, william, mich, alfred, margarette, rey, relatives from olaer, pascual and borela sides, orman, avel, marzz, aying, sheng, ric, leonard, doneelyn, lito, chic, cindy, gee, hannah, rammyboi, ms. amie, sir gilbert, donna, emman, gay, mimi, blogie, brendel, lyle, tammy, ivy, ging, jes, tanchi, eunice, cindy, rose, and many other blogger-plurkers out there. DOLE/PESO friends, Usec Linda, RD Glo, RD Nonoy, ate gels, ate nelms, ate rubs, sir pat, sir jim, sir rolly, ring, romy, techie, mam alice, mam net, lovely, fatima, jojo, ring, eva, atty bles, mam ely, tess, judy, marge, mae, jeff, arvin, mundo, laline, ate febs, ate edna and many others.

alma, vivian, frank, robert, jes, aying, beth, meds, beverly, tom, joan, merlyn, olive, bernadette, lingling, emy, esang, cecil, feng, mercy, jes, jouie, aileen, pet, maymay, erna, romy, merlyn, des, doris, glen, lovely, junith, cris, noli, casildita, ely, jeff, brian, toto, des, jun, sabeth, honey, tess, florence, precy, grace, jeanette, helen, weng, gilbert, beverly, amelia, ted, enteng . . . and the list goes on and on. . .

Thank you, Guys! God bless you always!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eid'l Adha Now a National Holiday (Updated!!!)

The President has signed Proclamation No. 1808 declaring Eid'l Adha as a national holiday. Scanned copy of the said proclamation can be downloaded here.

The Department of Labor and Employment has come up with the guidelines regarding this Proclamation.
To sum up, our holidays for August until December 2009 are:

August 21 - Ninoy Aquino Day - Special non-working Holiday
August 31 - National Heroes' Day - Legal Holiday
September 5 - Gensan Tuna Festival
September 7 - Special Holiday(Erano Manalo's burial)
September 21 - Legal Holiday (Eidl Fitr)
November 1 - All Saints Day - Special non-working Holiday
November 2 - All soul's Day - Special non-working holiday
November 27 - 28 - Eid'l Adha - Legal Holidays
November 30 - Bonifacio Day - Legal Holiday
December 24 - Special non-working holiday (christmas eve)
December 25 - Christmas Day - Legal Holiday
December 30 - Rizal Day - Legal Holiday
December 31 - Special Non-working Holiday (Last day of the year)

Please feel free to browse over this site from time to time for updates about our holidays!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Numbers of My Life

August 15, 2009, today
10 days from now, my birthday
Let me be the 1st to greet myself a happy birthday!
Life's been good and blissful
42 years all in all
a wife, mother, sister, relative and friend for all.
Blessed with a loving husband
beautiful daughters numbering half a dozen
loving people and friends reaching a thousand.
Our One God is good
for giving me all of you
and the gift of life with you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Traffic Lights Lighting Gensan's Major Streets

Here's my photo of the invite to the switch-on ceremony of the latest addition to
Gensan's traffic lights signal system.
(Thanks Bariles for this!)
Our Hon. City Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Cong. Darlene Custodio-Antonino
and other high ranking city officials doing the cutting of the ribbon
(photo by Kyawster dear)
St. Elizabeth Hospital as background of the newest site of our traffic lights system
(again, thanks kyawster for the photo)

Monitoring and Rating Bank Rates

The family had a bad experience lately. We mortgaged one of our properties a year ago in order to raise funds to pay for our uncle's hospitalization. The amount loaned was double than the supposed amount to be paid to the hospital. We consummated the loan deal without thinking of its implications. The problem cropped up only now that we are going to pay it in full. The enormous interest and the tedious process is now slowly eating up the family's relationship. I just hope we could all patch up things before it worsened to something inevitable.
Now came the realization of the importance of planning and thinking before implementing anything. It also made us comprehend the significance of waiting for the right time. If we only took time out to monitor bank rates, before we closed a deal with a particular bank, things would have been different for us.
Monitoring rates is such a big factor whenever we have to deal with banks and its services. Finding banks that offer services fitted to our budget and means is now very easy. All we have to do is just let our fingers do the clicking and let our minds and hearts do rating.

It's Raining Men Even If It Doesn't Rain

Inkai positioned her camera as lots of men/police trainees (hundreds actually) displayed their abs and muscles one Sunday afternoon at OSR!

Autos With Raging Superchargers

My husband is an avid collector of miniature cars. This explains his being an auto man. He can practically repair problems concerning automobiles. He knows the insides and outs of any particular car he has taken fancy of. This has been the prime reason why when I asked him about auto superchargers he gave me a kilometric answer.
He told me about personalities whose cars have raging superchargers. Most of these cars are equipped with hightech superchargers and turbo chargers. He mentioned about buick supercharger, mercedes supercharger, pontiac supercharger and so on and so forth. He also further elaborated why there is a need to change these particular auto parts with high quality ones.
Listening to him while explaining to me these things made me ponder on an idea. My husband is such a great person. He had been an ideal family man to us. Maybe this is enough reason for me to help him acquire soon his dream car. A car of, of course, with raging supercharger.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Baby Sam's Big Day

It is my baby Sam's birthday today!
We're having spaghetti, ice cream and chickenjoy. . .
These are simple Sam's simple joys. . .

Sam's my fifth baby. . .
She always makes mom happy. . .
For her siblings, she is a source of joy. . .

Today is her big day and we are all saying to her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jinky Jumped for Joy (Again)

Me, Orman, Lyle, Brendel, Avel, Blogie and Marzz
up, up in the air
with the greens as background and landing spot.
I just couldn't believe it, but it's true,
I made my second high jump
with famous Davao and Gensan bloggers
one Saturday afternoon at Kalsangi Golf Course.

Monday, August 3, 2009

How Our Livelihood and Job Fairs Fared

The DOLE has spearheaded several livelihood fairs and job fairs this year. Product exhibitors and employers are all housed in one venue to cater to the needs of customers and applicants alike. This is an activity of DOLE geared towards helping our funded associations in showcasing their best products. This is also designed to ease out the burden on the part of the employers and applicants.
Preparatory activities for livelihood and job fairs include scouting for appropriate venue and materials such as banners, tables, logo canopies, chairs, tents, logo mats, etc. to be used. Aside from all of these, you also have to look for trade show flooring and carpets . Doing all of these could be nerve wracking specially if you are running against time. One can get lucky if what you are searching for could all be found in one place. It's a good thing that I know of a site offering all the thing needed in staging trade, livelihood and jobs fairs. Indeed, technology can do wonders.
DOLE livelihood and jobs fair had been proven to be effective in reaching out to our clients. Products showcased are sold generating income for our associations. Applicants catered are provided with jobs thereby helping them earn something for a living. I may be dreamy eyed but I am looking forward to bigger, better and more successful DOLE livelihood and jobs fair with the help, of course, of trade exhibits and displays pros.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank you and Godpspeed, Madame President!

Thank you for. . .
showing us what good governance is. . .
teaching us how to be a good mother. . .
leaving us with the legacy of democracy. . .

You will not only be remembered by our generation but as well as
by the young generation and other generations to come.
Thank you, Madame President!