Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arizona Weather Zone

I have this fascination of pictures of the Grand Canyon. This majestic land form could be found in Arizona. One of the places in the world wherein I have friends residing. Knowing how succesful these friends of mine are made me wonder what's in Arizona that made them stick to the place.
I made my research about the place using my ever reliable laptop. As I read the exciting things about Arizona, the more I got familiar with the place. Their temperature there now is about 80 degrees fahrenheit. Arizona is a place whose weather ranges from cool to cold winters and warm summers or mild winters and hot summer. This is all year round so we can conclude that the weather there is fine. An ideal place really for raising a family and career advancement. No wonder, my friends there are now successful personalities in their own right.
The mild weather there attracted investors like scottsdale realtors because as expected a lot of people are now settling there. This is all because of fine weather that made Arizona an ideal place to live on.
How about you, where would you like to settle down someday?


  1. My ideal place to live in esp for retirement? Find it out at one of my posts. cheers:)

  2. wow, it's nice to hear this Ms. Eunice!