Monday, August 3, 2009

How Our Livelihood and Job Fairs Fared

The DOLE has spearheaded several livelihood fairs and job fairs this year. Product exhibitors and employers are all housed in one venue to cater to the needs of customers and applicants alike. This is an activity of DOLE geared towards helping our funded associations in showcasing their best products. This is also designed to ease out the burden on the part of the employers and applicants.
Preparatory activities for livelihood and job fairs include scouting for appropriate venue and materials such as banners, tables, logo canopies, chairs, tents, logo mats, etc. to be used. Aside from all of these, you also have to look for trade show flooring and carpets . Doing all of these could be nerve wracking specially if you are running against time. One can get lucky if what you are searching for could all be found in one place. It's a good thing that I know of a site offering all the thing needed in staging trade, livelihood and jobs fairs. Indeed, technology can do wonders.
DOLE livelihood and jobs fair had been proven to be effective in reaching out to our clients. Products showcased are sold generating income for our associations. Applicants catered are provided with jobs thereby helping them earn something for a living. I may be dreamy eyed but I am looking forward to bigger, better and more successful DOLE livelihood and jobs fair with the help, of course, of trade exhibits and displays pros.

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