Monday, February 1, 2010

Gensan's Latest Pride : The Gensan View Resort

There's a new feather in Gensan's tourism cap!

Nursery Road (beside Susana Homes)
Lagao, General Santos City, Philippines

This newest weekend getaway, I am sure, every General will be very proud of
is owned and managed by the very enterprising and beautiful couple
Joel and Patrice Santos.

here's a breathtaking view of their pool and native cottages

Cottages at Gensan View Resort are being rented out at very affordable prices.
Php300.00 for the big ones and
Php200.00 for the smaller sized nice looking bamboo and cogon grass cottages.

Their kiddie pool for children and children at heart alike

Amenities inside the 6,000 square meter resort area are obviously built/installed with customers' safety and comfort as primary objective. Recommending this place for family outings is a pleasure for the blog author.

cottages situated atop similarly designed but differently colored pavement

aside from being a kiddie friendly place, Gensan View Resort
is obviously good for the feet and soothing to the eyes :-)

Gensan View Resort in twilight zone

I find this place during sunset perfect for marriage proposals and weddings. I won't be surprised anymore if I'll be receiving invitations for such romantic events soon. For sure, I will be bragging about this place to all my friends who want to experience something new in Gensan. This is the place to be!

For more about this latest offering in Gensan,
please do hop over the blogs of my friends:

Donna (tnx for the pics)
Lito (tnx too lits)

For Gensan View Resort inquiries and reservation,
please feel free to contact
Lester via 09156474354 and (083) 3028237 :-)


  1. thank you thank you sa pag link…
    nice posts!!!…
    great to know i helped this post through my pics...

  2. Hopping here, nice post Ate Jinky. Mubalik gyud ko dira and I'll bring with me my nieces.

  3. hi, dons and cinds!

    thanks for droppin' by. . .

    let's keep on promoting Gensan by featuring all the best we have to offer. . .

  4. tanx for linking my post.

    lingaw kaau ko sa plurkfiesta ba...esp the chow time...tanx for the ride....

  5. Ay, nganu wala alagi akong comment dinhi? I did. Kainist talaga net ko ngayon, nasayang mga comment ko. But then again, I just wanted to say, we went back here! Pero still, Olaer tops Gensan's finest!

  6. sheng, yeah pareho tayo ngayon... offline and online ang drama :-) he he tnx... ABCDEFG n crowd kasi captured namin dun sa resort:-)

  7. ganda ba sa gensan view resort? my restaurant poh ba? or we should bring food..

  8. anj, tnx for droppin by. . .

    yeah, it's nice there. . . you can bring food and you can also just order there. . .you can also go fishing and have your catch cooked right before your very eyes afterwards.

  9. wifi po ba ang gensan view resort?


  10. team aub gensan will be there on may 8... uber excited na!!!

  11. how much ang entrance? pwd bang mg overnyt?

  12. it's Php50.00 pr pax. . .ang overnyt nila by arrangement

  13. wala kayong closed cottage for overnyt stay?

  14. Hmmmm....nice rin pala

  15. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree

  16. magkano po ba ang , entrance?.

  17. mag kano po ba ang per head if we are going to have an acquintance party at your resort? pls give me the details...

  18. how much po pag exclusive for a debut?? my function rooms poh ba cla??

  19. Alson Processing PlantNovember 17, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    Hi maam/sir!inquire lang po, mgkano po ba ang bbayrn kapag ka pina-exclusive itong resort?

  20. please feel free to contact them at 3028237 :-D

  21. pwede poh bang mag short and tshirt?? or my require attire talaga???