Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Baby Sam's Big Day

It is my baby Sam's birthday today!
We're having spaghetti, ice cream and chickenjoy. . .
These are simple Sam's simple joys. . .

Sam's my fifth baby. . .
She always makes mom happy. . .
For her siblings, she is a source of joy. . .

Today is her big day and we are all saying to her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Hi te jinky....happy bday kay Sam..thanks sa visit te...

    HOP IN and HOP IN..heheh nasa 2,812,802 nag alexa mo...hehehe

  2. wow...poetic ka pala te jinky...happy bday to sam!

  3. hi, tam! tnx kaayo ha. . . blog hopping lang jud diay no para motaas ang ranking he he. . .

  4. hi, lits! tnx sa visit ha. . . yeah, bday sa ako babay samantha. . . tnx kaayo!

  5. Hello ate jinky!

    Best wishes for your baby. May she grow as beautiful in and out like her mom!
    Walang halong biro yan.mwa! TC! miss na namin kayo.

  6. Ang cute naman ng baby mo! I'm sure she'll grow up smart and caring like Mommy Jinky. :-)