Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best of Times

It's my birthday and I'm feeling nostalgic. I miss my parents so much! Thing would have been better and easier if they were around. Good thing that I have my family and friends to compensate for the longing I am experiencing right now. I see the brighter side of life and the times because of them.
I have this one friend, Naoki, a Japanese. It has been several birthdays that he was around. He would always buy me a watch during my birthday. It was because of him that I have several branded watches. The price of these watches is already quite a fortune but it did not matter to him at all.
This time around, Naoki is not at hand to give me the usual gift. He is one of those foreigners scared by the euphoria created by the media over H1N1 virus. Traveling to the Philippines is now far from his mind but he has not forgotten to call up and assured me that he still owes me a watch for this birthday of mine. Judging from his voice, I know he is happy and I know a Rolex watch is possible to come my way anytime soon.
If I have this eye for best watches, it's because of Naoki. Because of him, I have the best watches. The best of times for me, indeed!

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