Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Letter Day for Me

Today is my special day and I thank God for this very precious life He has given me. Allow me in turn to thank from the bottom of my heart the following people for being dear to me and for touching my life: (life would have been meaningless without you, guys!)

arnel, raffee, tina, tricia, gwen, sam, jasmine, alpha, allan, ahmad, bing, william, mich, alfred, margarette, rey, relatives from olaer, pascual and borela sides, orman, avel, marzz, aying, sheng, ric, leonard, doneelyn, lito, chic, cindy, gee, hannah, rammyboi, ms. amie, sir gilbert, donna, emman, gay, mimi, blogie, brendel, lyle, tammy, ivy, ging, jes, tanchi, eunice, cindy, rose, and many other blogger-plurkers out there. DOLE/PESO friends, Usec Linda, RD Glo, RD Nonoy, ate gels, ate nelms, ate rubs, sir pat, sir jim, sir rolly, ring, romy, techie, mam alice, mam net, lovely, fatima, jojo, ring, eva, atty bles, mam ely, tess, judy, marge, mae, jeff, arvin, mundo, laline, ate febs, ate edna and many others.

alma, vivian, frank, robert, jes, aying, beth, meds, beverly, tom, joan, merlyn, olive, bernadette, lingling, emy, esang, cecil, feng, mercy, jes, jouie, aileen, pet, maymay, erna, romy, merlyn, des, doris, glen, lovely, junith, cris, noli, casildita, ely, jeff, brian, toto, des, jun, sabeth, honey, tess, florence, precy, grace, jeanette, helen, weng, gilbert, beverly, amelia, ted, enteng . . . and the list goes on and on. . .

Thank you, Guys! God bless you always!


  1. Happy Birthday Jinky!!! May our Lord bless you always with good health & happiness and may you have many, many, many more birthdays to come...

  2. many happy returns of the day.this is all my heart can say...
    my wish for you is good health and happiness.
    im glad i've got a friend like you...
    smile on yuor birthday!...

  3. Happy Birthday Ate Jinky! =)

  4. Even if we're just virtual friends for such a short time, I feel like we've been long time friends having met in person. Pag-uwi ko pinas hahanapin kita hehehe!
    Enjoy your special day to the fullest, Jinkz! God bless you & your loved ones.

  5. thank you very much, Ms. Eunice! me too, feeling ko close na tayo ha ha. . . let's keep on blogging!

    My day was a busy one, here kasi big bosses from Manila...bawi kami this Saturday with blogger friends.. 'wish you're here also...