Friday, January 30, 2009

Small Steps

Blogger's Night at Genee's Restaurant

Socsksargen bloggers had the chance of a lifetime by being part of the first week of existence of the newest food haven in Gensan,
the Genee's Restaurant.
Strategically located at the Oval Plaza, Genee's is a just stone's throw away from schools, government offices and other private establishments in General Santos City. This very promising restaurant offers wide array of food at very affordable prices. (Watch out for my future blogs on this). I promised to myself to be back there very often to have a taste of what they have to offer.
I may not be a food connoisseur but obviously I have taste buds only for great food. Having eaten dinner before proceeding there, I just partook of their Halo(2x) to have the feel of what was being served there. For 30 pesos worth of money, one can have a very big serving of Halo(2x) with ube ice cream on top. Placed in a huge, neat bowl (looks related to a Genie's lamp, actually I was excited to see a lot of those cute looking bowls - there's a mom & dad bowl, ate & kuya bowl as well as baby bowls. . .) are crushed ice with red tapioca, sweetened banana, green gelatine, leche flan & langka. Mixed with creamy milk and a little sugar, perfect for my taste buds! So big the serving that I even have to share it with my hubby, of course.
Aside from enjoying Genee's Halo(2x), I also enjoyed immensely the company of my newfound blogger friends.
Truly, it was a night of fun, food and friendly conversations at Genee's Restaurant for the Socsksargen bloggers.
*Many thanks to Kiyawster for the pics!

Mamma Mia, It's Obama

Dear President Obama is a leftie. . .
"Good luck, Mr. President!"

"Goodbye, Mr. President!"

The very HUGE crowd during Pres. Obama's Inauguration.

The crowd during the oathtaking of the new President.

The "newest & the latest" First Family!

The uncurable Obama virus that hit me
made me want to share
with you all, these scenes
taken from one of the grandest
inauguration for a US President ever.
*Many thanks to Sir Jouie, for sharing these pics with me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visayan Movies

I am reprinting here an e-mail piece from a very good friend who made my day hilarious!

English Movies Translated To Cebuano

1. Black Hawk Down- Naay Kabog sa Silong

2. Dead Man's Chest- Atngal sa Laki nga Namatay

3. Million Dollar Baby- Anak ni Bill Gates

4. Mary Poppins- Nibuto si Maria

5. Snakes on a Plane- Nag-eroplano ang Akong Traydor nga Higala

6. The Postman Always Rings Twice- Tao Sa Poste Nabagtingan ug Kaduha

7. Sum of All Fears- Pundok sa mga Hadlokan

8. Swordfish- Tinadtad nga Isda

9. Pretty Woman- " Akong uyab "

10. Robin Hood, Men in Tights- Robin Hood ug ang mga Kuyog, Bugdo ug Gisul-ob

11. Four Weddings and a Funeral- Kaupat Nagpakasal sa Patay

12. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ako, Ikaw, Kamong Tanan

13. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Adik si Harry ug shabu

14. Click - Gituslok

15. Brokeback Mountain- Buktot sa Bukid

16. The Day of the Dead- Kalag-kalag

17. Waterworld- Tubig-tubig

18. There's Something About Mary- Naay kuan si Maria sa iyang kuan

19. Employee of the Month - Ang Sipsip

20. Resident Evil - Akong Ugangan Niipon Namo

21. Kill Bill- Patya ang Maningil og Bayad sa Utang

22. Nightmare Before Christmas- Giorum sa wa pay Pasko

23. Never Been Kissed- Batig Nawong

24. Gone in 60 Seconds- Daling nagawsan, nidagan

25. The Fast and the Furious- Nabitin, nasuko

26. Too Fast, Too Furious- Nabitin na sad, Nisamot Kasuko

27. Beauty and the Beast- Akong uyab og ang among silingan

28. Die Hard- Gahi Mamatay

29. Die Hard, With A Vengeance- Nanimaos kay sa Pagpatay ning Gahi

30. Lost In Space- Wa Katugpa

31. Paycheck - Sweldo

32. What Lies Beneath- Namakak sa Silong

33. Superman, The Return - Si Superman Nibalik, nahabilin ang dyaki

34. Cinderella Man - Bayot d i si Cinderella

35. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Charlie ug ang iyang Pabrika sa Lapuk

36. Blade Runner- isnatsir ug labaha 37. Schindler's List- Listahan sa utang ni Schindler

38. Men In Black- Mga Laki nga Itom ug Bugan

39. X-Men, The Last Stand stand- Mga Laki nga Nabayot Kay di na __________

40. Wedding Crashers- Bag-ong naminyo, nadisgrasya

41. The Day After Tomorrow- Balik lang Sunod Ugma

42. Catch Me If You Can- Gukod!

43. A Bug's Life - Ang Kinabuhi sa gamayng Buyog

44. Die Another Day- Basin Ugma pa Siya Mamatay

45. The Rock - Ang Shabu

46. Jaws - Panga

47. Back to the Future- Tuas likod ang Kaugmaon

48. In the Line of Fire - Nilatay sa Alambri nga Nagkayo

49. Saturday Night Fever- Sabado sa Gabii, Gihilantan

50. Stepmom- Tumbi si Mama

51. Police Academy- Iskwelahan sa mga Dagkog Tiyan

52. The English Patient - Ang Pasyenteng nga Di Kahibao Magbinisaya

53. Man on Fire - Laki nga ni Tongtong sa Kayo

54. The Horse Whisperer- Dunay Gihunghung sa Kabayo

55. Dante's Peak- Ang Tumoy sa tudlo ni Dante

56. Legends of the Fall- Ang Istorya sa mga Nalamba

57. The Forgotten- Ang Nakalimtan nga utang

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Wildest Dream (Postcript To Pres. Obama's Inauguration)

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama

January 20, 20o9 will forever be woven into the tapestry of mankind history. This is the day wherein the first most powerful black man in the world was formally sworn into office.
No major flaws occured during the historic event except the flubbing committed by Chief Justice Roberts which is very minor. Everything went on smoothly during the ceremony as witnessed by millions of people around the globe.
I was one of those affected by the Obama mania virus. I intended to stay awake the whole night to see for myself President Obama takes his oath. I perceived him to be very much alike James Marshall as portrayed by Harrison Ford in the movie Air Force One. He seemed to me to be a person with iron will and strength and with the X factor to lead us out of the global crisis we are facing.
My desire to witness the historic event on television was mired by the outcome of a very tiresome day. I fell into deep slumber even before the event started. So deeply asleep that when I woke up what was being shown on TV was the morning news.
After thanking the Lord for a new day that is about to begin, I checked my cellphone and saw three (3) missed calls coming from an unidentified overseas caller. I thought and laughed at myself - maybe, it's Pres. Obama reminding me that the real action is about to unfold yet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

David Pomeranz' Magic Lingers On

The Author of Bariles Republic with his Sunset
The Man, as he is fondly called by friends, is the one responsible in coming up
with a unique blogging contest pertaining to David Pomeranz upcoming
concert on February 14, 2009 in General Santos City.

Grab A Crab by Night
Gensan City's pride when it comes to fine dining.
They are giving gift certificates to the lucky winners of Bariles Republic's
Blogging Contest.

David Pomeranz Concert in Gensan Poster

Take me to your heart. Show me where to start. Let me play the part of your first love. All the stars are right. Every wish is ours to make my love. Got to believe in magic. Tell me how two people find each other. In a world that's full of strangers. Got to believe in magic. Somethings' stronger than the moon above' coz it's magic when two people fall in love. Pity those who wait. Trust in love to fate. Finding out too late that they've lost it. Never letting go. They will never know the ways of love....

So goes the song every grandma and grandpa, mom and dad,
ate and kuya and all the bunso in our generation can sing heartily
aside from our very own National Anthem.

I first heard of the song -

- when the most powerful man in the world was still President Ronald Reagan and Philippines has Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos

- when Scott Baio was still one of America's Heartthrob (remember the movie Zapped? It has got to believe in magic and king & queen of hearts as soundtrack) . . . one of the reasons why I cut classes back then. . .

- when I was in my second year high school. . . (you can guess how old I am now, it's given). . .

- when post office, pt & t and rcpi are still our fastest and only ways of communication

- when the word globalization is not yet heard of, and of course

- when we were still using radio casette recorders and typewriters.

and I still hear it now that -

- a man by the name of Barack Obama has taken America by storm

- Zac Efron is America's heartthrob

- I have two daughters who will be having their JS Prom next month

- everybody/everyone is just a text away

- the world is borderless

- we have computers, laptops, DVD's, PSPs, IPods, etc. and

when Apple is no longer a fruit only.

Clearly, am smitten by David Pomeranz' magic and charm . Who wouldn't be?

To find out more about his upcoming concert in Gensan, please click on the links below:

addendum: many, many thanks to The Man for the photos posted in this blog.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Simple Splendid Kawas Beach

One of our favorite weekend getaway is the Kawas Beach located at Ladol, Alabel, Sarangani Province. It is 20 minutes away from Gensan.
Kawas is an underdeveloped beach with fine sand (the grayish one) and very clean , shallow seawater. This place is ideal for families with small kids who enjoy playing in the waters. Moms like me won't worry too much watching over them.
Entrance fee is minimal. Php10.00 per adult entrant and free charges for small kids.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Going Loco Over Choco

Who doesn't love chocolate cake?
What best describes me? a chocolate addict.
Why choco? my taste buds craves for it.
Going loco over choco is alright if not done very often.

My Baby E.I.

Already blessed with half a dozen little girls, still we did not hesitated to
welcome with open arms
the new addition to our already getting bigger family.
Emmanuel Isaac or simply E.I.
My baby from the heart and not from the tummy.
A source of strength, a source of joy.

My Gems' Journey

My kids are my gems. They are, I am.
As I journey, they journey too.
I know time will come that they have to journey on their own.
I hope when that time comes, as they take small steps towards their journey, they are already equipped with lessons they learned as well as lessons they taught me when we were journeying together.
I hope to see them soaring high to achieve their dreams together!