Tuesday, January 20, 2009

David Pomeranz' Magic Lingers On

The Author of Bariles Republic with his Sunset
The Man, as he is fondly called by friends, is the one responsible in coming up
with a unique blogging contest pertaining to David Pomeranz upcoming
concert on February 14, 2009 in General Santos City.

Grab A Crab by Night
Gensan City's pride when it comes to fine dining.
They are giving gift certificates to the lucky winners of Bariles Republic's
Blogging Contest.

David Pomeranz Concert in Gensan Poster

Take me to your heart. Show me where to start. Let me play the part of your first love. All the stars are right. Every wish is ours to make my love. Got to believe in magic. Tell me how two people find each other. In a world that's full of strangers. Got to believe in magic. Somethings' stronger than the moon above' coz it's magic when two people fall in love. Pity those who wait. Trust in love to fate. Finding out too late that they've lost it. Never letting go. They will never know the ways of love....

So goes the song every grandma and grandpa, mom and dad,
ate and kuya and all the bunso in our generation can sing heartily
aside from our very own National Anthem.

I first heard of the song -

- when the most powerful man in the world was still President Ronald Reagan and Philippines has Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos

- when Scott Baio was still one of America's Heartthrob (remember the movie Zapped? It has got to believe in magic and king & queen of hearts as soundtrack) . . . one of the reasons why I cut classes back then. . .

- when I was in my second year high school. . . (you can guess how old I am now, it's given). . .

- when post office, pt & t and rcpi are still our fastest and only ways of communication

- when the word globalization is not yet heard of, and of course

- when we were still using radio casette recorders and typewriters.

and I still hear it now that -

- a man by the name of Barack Obama has taken America by storm

- Zac Efron is America's heartthrob

- I have two daughters who will be having their JS Prom next month

- everybody/everyone is just a text away

- the world is borderless

- we have computers, laptops, DVD's, PSPs, IPods, etc. and

when Apple is no longer a fruit only.

Clearly, am smitten by David Pomeranz' magic and charm . Who wouldn't be?

To find out more about his upcoming concert in Gensan, please click on the links below:



addendum: many, many thanks to The Man for the photos posted in this blog.


  1. Goodluck to US ate Jinky! Hehehe

  2. hi, sheng!

    he he he ewan ko ba basta ang alam ko marunong akong kumanta ng got to believe in magic he he.

    Tnx, sheng. good luck. . . .

  3. I love David Pomeranz ....anyone else? Another great singer who sounds like him....STEPHEN MICHAEL SCHWARTZ