Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogger's Night at Genee's Restaurant

Socsksargen bloggers had the chance of a lifetime by being part of the first week of existence of the newest food haven in Gensan,
the Genee's Restaurant.
Strategically located at the Oval Plaza, Genee's is a just stone's throw away from schools, government offices and other private establishments in General Santos City. This very promising restaurant offers wide array of food at very affordable prices. (Watch out for my future blogs on this). I promised to myself to be back there very often to have a taste of what they have to offer.
I may not be a food connoisseur but obviously I have taste buds only for great food. Having eaten dinner before proceeding there, I just partook of their Halo(2x) to have the feel of what was being served there. For 30 pesos worth of money, one can have a very big serving of Halo(2x) with ube ice cream on top. Placed in a huge, neat bowl (looks related to a Genie's lamp, actually I was excited to see a lot of those cute looking bowls - there's a mom & dad bowl, ate & kuya bowl as well as baby bowls. . .) are crushed ice with red tapioca, sweetened banana, green gelatine, leche flan & langka. Mixed with creamy milk and a little sugar, perfect for my taste buds! So big the serving that I even have to share it with my hubby, of course.
Aside from enjoying Genee's Halo(2x), I also enjoyed immensely the company of my newfound blogger friends.
Truly, it was a night of fun, food and friendly conversations at Genee's Restaurant for the Socsksargen bloggers.
*Many thanks to Kiyawster for the pics!

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