Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Wildest Dream (Postcript To Pres. Obama's Inauguration)

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama

January 20, 20o9 will forever be woven into the tapestry of mankind history. This is the day wherein the first most powerful black man in the world was formally sworn into office.
No major flaws occured during the historic event except the flubbing committed by Chief Justice Roberts which is very minor. Everything went on smoothly during the ceremony as witnessed by millions of people around the globe.
I was one of those affected by the Obama mania virus. I intended to stay awake the whole night to see for myself President Obama takes his oath. I perceived him to be very much alike James Marshall as portrayed by Harrison Ford in the movie Air Force One. He seemed to me to be a person with iron will and strength and with the X factor to lead us out of the global crisis we are facing.
My desire to witness the historic event on television was mired by the outcome of a very tiresome day. I fell into deep slumber even before the event started. So deeply asleep that when I woke up what was being shown on TV was the morning news.
After thanking the Lord for a new day that is about to begin, I checked my cellphone and saw three (3) missed calls coming from an unidentified overseas caller. I thought and laughed at myself - maybe, it's Pres. Obama reminding me that the real action is about to unfold yet.

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