Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Year of Bliss

The Borela Family
The year may not be perfect, but it was pretty good.



Christmas blessing administered by the priests of the St.  Paul of the Cross Novitiate
With thankful hearts, we glorify God's holy name.


Answered prayers.

bonding moments
Feeling blessed for the gift of life.


Merry christmas, dear friends!
Wishing you all good thoughts and happiness
this year and all the years to come . . .

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Starry, Starry Rainy Night

creative and colorful lanterns
Drizzling last Tuesday night of November saw me judging the Lantern-making contest at one of the canneries here in General Santos City.

The christmas lanterns (parols) were intricately designed and made from 100% purely recycled materials.

shining, shimmering lanterns

This laudable activity of keeping up with the christmas season in simplest way was made possible through the initiative of the very dynamic management and  staff of Philbest Canning Corporation.  They have decided to forego their annual christmas party in favor of the victims of the widespread calamity in Eastern and Central Visayas.

splendid  lanterns
Simply amazing and I believe this activity  is one of the greatest expression of christmas spirit I've seen and I have my hats off to the organizers.  Kudos to you, guys!

Have a blessed christmas ahead everyone!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yes, It's Stephen Bishop in Gensan!

Time I've been passing, time watching trains go by
All of my life lying on the sand, watching seabirds fly
Wishing there would be someone waiting home for me
Something's telling me it might be you
It's telling me it might be you all of my life . . .

I was 15 and Mr Stephen Bishop was 31 when his song "It Might be You" became a monstrous hit on the airwaves.

Now 31 years after, call it coincidence or what, your hopeless romantic mom might just have the chance of seeing Mr. Bishop in person!

Yes dear friends, Yvonnie J Events and Production, in association with
Redstone Media Productions
will be presenting
Stephen Bishop Live In Gensan
on October 27, 2013 @ 7:30PM
Lagao Gym, General Santos City

Doing the front act during the one night concert is balladeer Nonoy Zuniga.

The show will also be brought to us by:
SM City General Santos, Gaisano Mall of Gensan, Ellis Suites, Green Leaf Hotel Gensan, Road Hauz, MP Princess, 102.3 Campus Radio, Brigada TV Channel 46, 89.5 Brigada FM, and Gensan Gazette Quarter

Ticket Prices:
 P2,050 (VIP), P1,800 (Patron), P1,250 (Lower Box A), P1,100 (Lower Box B),
 P550 (Upper Box), and P300 (General Admission)

For your tickets:
 Please visit Gaisano Mall  Gensan Atrium and SM City General Santos Event Center
 or call 09279238202 and 09395599194

See you there!

It might be you whom Mr. Stephen Bishop will be dedicating his next song to be sung :-D

Monday, July 8, 2013

Scarred People are Beautiful . . . Yes, they really are!

My younger kids having their own precious time in the comfort of our home
with our very special little friends
 Man speaks:

I’ve been hurt, Lord.
I have trusted and been betrayed at times.
I have loved and received nothing in return.
I have tried hard to care and failed often.
I have shared my secrets and, heard them whispered to others.
I have been warm and received a cold shoulder.
I have been through it, Lord.
I’ve fallen on my face.
I’ve banged my shins.
I’ve been bruised.
Look, Lord, I’m all covered with scars!

I've decided to respect and protect the privacy of these two little kids . . .
but don't wanna miss the chance of sharing their contagious smiles with you folks . . 
 The Lord Speaks:

Maybe you haven’t understood enough.
Maybe you haven’t learned that human life is like that.
All saints are scarred.
Young love isn’t the highest form of human love.
The greatest love comes from scarred people.
I know that many people stop loving so they won’t be hurt again.
But those people who do start over again, who continue in spite of all,
who leave themselves open to the possibility of being hurt again —
These people are able to love again in a deeper way, a more understanding way, a richer way.

the innocence of this little girl really amazes me!
Man’s response:
I think I know what you mean, Lord.
I’ve met people like that and knowing them gives me courage.
The great people are those who continue to love with their scars.
I like scarred people, Lord.
They are beautiful.

~ Rev. Charles Cooke

I made this post for a purpose and that purpose is to encourage you, folks, to share your blessings with the wards of Ma. Goretti Home for Girls located at Marin Village, National Highway, Gen. Santos City.

Each kid there has her own story to tell . . . literally, they are scarred inside and out.  Any help (be it material or our mere presence) we could extend will surely go a long, long way.

This refuge for abused and neglected children is being run by the Passionist Sisters.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” 
                                                                      - Steve Maraboli

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Veranza Mall Prepares for Grand Opening

VERANZA Mall is finally set to open  on June 29, 2013!  
For all malling addicts like me, here's the very long list of Veranza Mall tenants who will be making our days and nights more exciting . . .

Guess Kids
158. Designer's Blvd. 
Brand Smart
Cache Cache 
Terra and Agua 
Payless Shoesource 
Lacoste Footwear 
National Bookstore
The Travel Club 
Charriol Watch 
Just Jewels
Swiss Gear 
Toby's Sports 
EO Executive Optical 
Make Room & More 
Kevin's Toys and Library 
Planet Sports 
The DIY Shop 
Beyond the Box 
J.Co Donuts 
Gerry's Grill 
Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
Mooon Cafe 
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 
Bigby's Cafe 
Chicken BonChon 
Arpochi Seafoods and Restaurant 
The Pancake House 
Teriyaki Boy 
Cafe Laguna 
Giligan's Restaurant 
Sis Cake Avenue 

special thanks to Rabsky for the info:-D

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Travel. I Pray. I Believe. (My Simala Experience)

Your mom blogger has been very, very busy the past few months.  So busy that even blogging seemed a luxury for me I could no longer afford anymore :-D

An unplanned road trip in Visayas made me come back to my senses.  Life is beautiful and time is limited so we have to make the most out of it.  I set aside the never ending tasks!  For three days and nights, I traveled, prayed and believed that God is really good and miracles still do happen. 

One of the places we've been to was Simala. A place to go that needs no explanation for as long as we believe. 

 The castle-like monastery located in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu.

 we made it through this stairway under the scorching heat of the sun

 the throng of believers

wheelchairs, crutches, and notes of people who believed, who experienced divine healing

 Sunday noon mass goers

 Marian monks built this grandiose church

 managed to say a little prayer for all all my loved ones and friends

the altar

The short visit to Simala made me realize that faith is something that lies peacefully in our hearts when everything seems to fall apart.  

 “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. 
To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
-St. Thomas Aquinas

Monday, March 25, 2013

Of Blessings and Bliss

The blogging mom's been away for almost a week to attend the graduation ceremony of our daughter for her BS Chemistry course.  A first  for my hubby and I and definitely it was awesome!
A  handshake from His Eminence Luis  Antonio Gokim Cardinal Tagle
It was heavenly to have the chance to come face  to face with His Eminence Cardinal Tagle.  The "papable" who made me shed a tear or two during his commencement speech for ADMU's graduating class of 2013.
Among his words that truly moved me were:
When someone says "I feel lost" I tell them "just wait to be found."  As you are searching for God, God is searching for you!"
"Problems can be solved, dilemmas continue . . . with dilemmas, we can only search for reason . . . for meaning."
"Minahal ka, magmahal ka naman!"
"I hope that more people, esp. filipinos become enlightened about the true meaning of life beyond self-interest."
Living a life of service and a life for God - was his clear message for the graduates!
proud parents with the graduate!

the choir who performed  during the baccalaureate

my daughter, an active member of the ADMU choir 
mom and daughter

hubby and I
The six-day respite from my usual activities was a realization for me - that life indeed is pure bliss and it is such a blessing!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lovely January Wedding

January 2013 seemed to be love month for us because there were two weddings in a row that we've attended.  Both exude true love and  passion. The first wedding was that of lovely pair Bon and Emmylou - our friends from the Local Government of Gensan. If I were to describe their love story I'll borrow Mahatma Gandhi's words "If there is love, there is life!"

the lovely couple!
( these two photos were grabbed from Ms. Cubelo's FB account)
Indeed, love makes the world go round!  To Mr. and Mrs. Bon and Emmylou Apostol, our congratulations and best wishes!  May God continually bless your married life.  Cheers!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Kitty Birthday Bash for a Pretty Lady

One of the events we have been into during the first few days of 2013 is the grand birthday bash with a Hello Kitty theme of a good friend's daughter.
the very elegant venue turned into Hello Kitty Land
 my hubby and kids enjoying the meal ;-D

 my kids and their friend waiting for their turn for the face painting

 my youngest daughter Jasmine  with her choice of small floral design

 my daughter Sam with Hello Kitty on her cheek

 Jasmine with the very pretty celebrant, EJ 

 the artist doing the painting on Alexa's  cheek

It was one celebration my kids did truly enjoy . . . many thanks to the celebrant, her sister, and their mom!

(Updated!) First Fresh Egg

Woke up with a very big smile today because after around four months of waiting,  I harvested the very  first egg courtesy of our itiks (ducks)!
The mighty egg in all its splendor ;-D 

The itiks in my pond
 (photo grabbed from Sir Nur Juanday's FB account)

The cooking mom's damn excited for more eggs to come.  Salivating with the thought of making leche flan soon!

On the next day, we have two . . . found inside the pond ;-D that's why these eggs looked so clean ;-D