Monday, July 8, 2013

Scarred People are Beautiful . . . Yes, they really are!

My younger kids having their own precious time in the comfort of our home
with our very special little friends
 Man speaks:

I’ve been hurt, Lord.
I have trusted and been betrayed at times.
I have loved and received nothing in return.
I have tried hard to care and failed often.
I have shared my secrets and, heard them whispered to others.
I have been warm and received a cold shoulder.
I have been through it, Lord.
I’ve fallen on my face.
I’ve banged my shins.
I’ve been bruised.
Look, Lord, I’m all covered with scars!

I've decided to respect and protect the privacy of these two little kids . . .
but don't wanna miss the chance of sharing their contagious smiles with you folks . . 
 The Lord Speaks:

Maybe you haven’t understood enough.
Maybe you haven’t learned that human life is like that.
All saints are scarred.
Young love isn’t the highest form of human love.
The greatest love comes from scarred people.
I know that many people stop loving so they won’t be hurt again.
But those people who do start over again, who continue in spite of all,
who leave themselves open to the possibility of being hurt again —
These people are able to love again in a deeper way, a more understanding way, a richer way.

the innocence of this little girl really amazes me!
Man’s response:
I think I know what you mean, Lord.
I’ve met people like that and knowing them gives me courage.
The great people are those who continue to love with their scars.
I like scarred people, Lord.
They are beautiful.

~ Rev. Charles Cooke

I made this post for a purpose and that purpose is to encourage you, folks, to share your blessings with the wards of Ma. Goretti Home for Girls located at Marin Village, National Highway, Gen. Santos City.

Each kid there has her own story to tell . . . literally, they are scarred inside and out.  Any help (be it material or our mere presence) we could extend will surely go a long, long way.

This refuge for abused and neglected children is being run by the Passionist Sisters.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” 
                                                                      - Steve Maraboli


  1. Te Jinks, I'd like to help, where is the location of the orphanage?

  2. sure sheng, it's located at Marin Village near Supreme Hardware . . . ipasyal mo Tabebs and Biboy there, matutuwa yung mga bata . . . they really need care kasi mga abused nga and neglected - better pa yung mga orphans sa kanila in reality

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