Monday, March 25, 2013

Of Blessings and Bliss

The blogging mom's been away for almost a week to attend the graduation ceremony of our daughter for her BS Chemistry course.  A first  for my hubby and I and definitely it was awesome!
A  handshake from His Eminence Luis  Antonio Gokim Cardinal Tagle
It was heavenly to have the chance to come face  to face with His Eminence Cardinal Tagle.  The "papable" who made me shed a tear or two during his commencement speech for ADMU's graduating class of 2013.
Among his words that truly moved me were:
When someone says "I feel lost" I tell them "just wait to be found."  As you are searching for God, God is searching for you!"
"Problems can be solved, dilemmas continue . . . with dilemmas, we can only search for reason . . . for meaning."
"Minahal ka, magmahal ka naman!"
"I hope that more people, esp. filipinos become enlightened about the true meaning of life beyond self-interest."
Living a life of service and a life for God - was his clear message for the graduates!
proud parents with the graduate!

the choir who performed  during the baccalaureate

my daughter, an active member of the ADMU choir 
mom and daughter

hubby and I
The six-day respite from my usual activities was a realization for me - that life indeed is pure bliss and it is such a blessing!