Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monitoring and Rating Bank Rates

The family had a bad experience lately. We mortgaged one of our properties a year ago in order to raise funds to pay for our uncle's hospitalization. The amount loaned was double than the supposed amount to be paid to the hospital. We consummated the loan deal without thinking of its implications. The problem cropped up only now that we are going to pay it in full. The enormous interest and the tedious process is now slowly eating up the family's relationship. I just hope we could all patch up things before it worsened to something inevitable.
Now came the realization of the importance of planning and thinking before implementing anything. It also made us comprehend the significance of waiting for the right time. If we only took time out to monitor bank rates, before we closed a deal with a particular bank, things would have been different for us.
Monitoring rates is such a big factor whenever we have to deal with banks and its services. Finding banks that offer services fitted to our budget and means is now very easy. All we have to do is just let our fingers do the clicking and let our minds and hearts do rating.

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