Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Mayor Acharon's Major Accomplishments

The Hon. Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr. as he delivers his State of the City Address
(pic courtesy of Mr. Orman Manansala)

This blog author was damn excited when she was afforded the chance to witness first hand our Mayor Jun Acharon's SOCA last February 11, 2010 inside the cavernous hall of the city's new legislative building. Many and BIG thanks, of course, to Bariles for the opportunity.

Glittering names in the government, politics, business, finance, academe, media and military came in droves to watch and hear our beloved Mayor Jun Acharon as he delivered his last SOCA as father and leader of this very popular city in the south. The dashing mayor delivered his SOCA concisely and in a very elegant and respectable manner.

Mayor Jun Acharon demonstrated pride in announcing that new businesses numbering 1,259 brought in investments of 1.397B for the year 2009. Significant contributions of other government agencies were also highlighted during the SOCA. A notable inclusion in his SOCA that made several government agency heads grin from ear to ear.

He also made mention about the good performance of the tourism sector with the continuous growth of the number of tourist arrival per year. Generals like Manny Pacquiao, Philip Nadela, Gerald Anderson and even Melai were also given due recognition during Mayor Jun Acharon's SOCA.

Several major accomplishments were laid down and judging from the applauses given to our Mayor during his State of the City Address, I am proud to say that our Mayor has done his job well and by staying as resilient as he is, I know the world of politics will still be opening more and more doors for him.

Mine and yours' mayor may be leaving the portals of Gensan but the legacy he will be leaving behind will remain forever to remind us that we once had a leader with a very big heart for all generals!

Good luck, Mayor Jun! Go on, sail on, keep on making us prouder to be Generals!

note: the author will be posting here soon the link to full script of the Mayor's SOCA


  1. nice post...we will vote him in the congress!

  2. Wow, very touching last SOCA of Mayor Jun Acharon. A lot of great things have happened during his term. May Gensan have good leaders like him (if not better) in the future.