Friday, October 2, 2009

Typhoon and Cars

Typhoon Ondoy literally crushed and crumpled many cars. Pictures of cars being carried by strong current of waters and cars on top of other cars were splashed all over our newspapers and even on the net.

We also feel the agony felt by the owners of these cars destroyed by the ruthless typhoon.

At this point in time, as aftermath of the tragedy, people are starting to rebuild their lives. Part of the normalizing process is ,of course, rebuilding homes while conquering the trauma brought about by the unfortunate incident.

Others who got the capacity to find replacement of their damaged cars may now use the internet to scout for vehicles fitted within their budget. It is good that there is this site allowing consumers to search and inquire about new cars. This is one wonder of technology that could be of great help to people whose cars were affected by typhoons and other calamities.

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