Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough of Air Supply

It all started with Bariles' blog contest wherein I had my love story made public (charing!).
To make the story short, I won together with other lucky bloggers out there. We were afforded a fourth row view of the Air Supply concert. BIG thanks to Mr. Michael Wee of Dreamworks Ventures and to other generous sponsors. Special thanks also to Hecky for this pic as well as to the gorgeous Ms. Mark Wales.

Aahhh Russell Hitchcock. . you almost made me cry. . .

Graham Russell, you're awesome!

Jinkys B and P (ang ganda niya!)

James Olaer and Glenn Fernandez who both enjoyed the concert immensely. . .you cheered for Frankie Moreno, James?

and, of course

happy bloggers clowning it up for the cam! Thank you, guys!
The night was fantastic not only because of Air Supply but as well as
because of you!


  1. ang gaganda ng pix! at new look ang site mo - cool!

  2. Huwaw, you got that pic with Jinky...or is it the twin? Oh well, too bad we didn't get our pics taken with the band... But it was really worth it!

  3. hi, Ms. A! lagi naningkamot ko og change ha ha. . .

  4. hi, sheng! It's Jinky P. with Jinky B. he he he

  5. Enjoy na enjoy gid tayo sa concert! Thanks for the memories Air Supply! :)

  6. superduperbonggacious jud Sir Ormz!

  7. yeah, Sir G! Unforgetable jud!