Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Air Supply's Frankie Moreno

who you gonna call?

During the Air Supply's momentous concert in General Santos City, there was a guy who elicited long and loud oooohhs and aaahhs from the audience. I was one of them actually (LOL!). My curiosity about this guy brought me to different spheres on the net. OMG, the guy's got talent and very popular.

Frankie Moreno is a singer, songwriter and pianist rolled into one. He joined Air Supply last February and from then on he's been a part of every great Air Supply performance.

To learn more abut this gigolo, go and hop over
Frankie Moreno

By the way, he added me as friend on his FB account, that's why am writing this post. :-)

(photo grabbed from Kyawster's collection)


  1. saw him in Vegas, was very impressed, I have been in the intertainment buis. in Texas,booking bands and such, I have also known some of the (I think greatest muscians..Stevie Ray Vaughn just one, personal friend of Lou Ann Barton(blues singer),so I also take music close to my heart,and I think that Frankie Moreno is a very talented muscian,he is also very likable,and sort of a cut up.I hope he goes far with his misic.I do know next time I am in Vegas,if he is playing there I will go see him!!

  2. Hi, Ms. Kat! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Thanks also for the additional info about Frankie Moreno. Yeah, he's one great musician!

  3. Looks like fun! One of my favorite bands too. BTW, thanks for stopping and leaving comments in my blog kabayan.


  4. Tnx too, Nedekcir! 'luv ur site!