Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ondoy Out, Pepeng Coming In

Barely a week after Typhoon Ondoy lashed out mercilessly a big part of Luzon particularly Metro Manila, Filipinos are again faced with the imminent danger Typhoon Pepeng might bring.
This super typhoon is expected to hit the Philippines this afternoon . All we could do now is to prepare for the worst and pray hard for a miracle to happen.
Most of those affected by Typhoon Ondoy has not recovered yet from the traumatic events they have been through. Almost everybody lost everything they worked for. This is because all were not ready for Ondoy's coming. Lives and properties could have been saved if we, filipinos, are properly oriented on what to do during times like this. Judging from what had happened, Mother Nature is a good ally if we all care for it but it's the worst enemy if we neglect her.

As we brace for another storm coming in too strong for everybody to topple down, let us all bear in mind that God is with us but our actions depend on us and us alone. We may be wounded and scarred by Ondoy but let us not allow Pepeng to leave the same mark in us. Let us hope that better and survivor Filipinos who are ready to face and lead normal lives will emerge amidst all these tragedies.

May God be with us all!


  1. Let me be the 1st one to comment here. sad tlga ako na di ako nakauwi pra sa Air Supply Concert na talagang gusto kong uwian pra lng makapanuod kaya lng marami na-stranded na passengers dahil kay Ondoy na ito so yon muna ang inuna nla pasakay. at may coming na naman si Pepeng so katakot tlga mag-travel! anyway, kahit sa pinsalang ito, i know you're enjoying tonight sa concert!anjan na yan eh.hehehe!!! congrats, jinkz & thanks! i'm sure nag-enjoy lahat ng nanuod pati na friends ko na pinagbigyan ko ng tickets na pinanalunan ko:)

  2. hi, Ms. A! Yeah, we did have a good time. .. lingaw kaayo si Danny he he he. . . sayang no, you missed the fun. . . anyway, naa pay next time. . . Sarah Geronimo on December 11!

    Let's just hope and pray na not as destructive si Pepeng kay Ondoy. .. .