Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Halloween Escapade That Almost Never Was

I was out of the house for three days and three nights because of the severe viral infection I had. Much to my little kids' chagrin because all plans for the halloween were put on hold.

To compensate for the lost time, my hubby and I treated the kids to an all-out weekday cum halloween escapade last Monday. We started the day by visiting the graves of our dear departed at the Forest Lake. We brought flowers we sourced out from local suppliers and which were personally arranged by our teen age daughters. We also brought along with us some food while thinking of having some sort of a picnic in the cemetery. Much to our dismay, the place was not ideal for outing because trash of all kinds left by the revellers the night before were scattered all over the place. Not wanting to disappoint the kids we instead brought them to our resort to refresh ourselves from the heat and eye sore we got from the cemetery.

Truly, the day turned out into a refreshing one because the kids enjoyed the dip in the cool waters of Olaer Swimming Resort and much more, they enjoyed the company of their other cousins. As a bonus, a boat captain friend treated them to a bucket of Jollibee chickenjoy.

Our late halloween escapade turned out into a very long day because after the swimming session, we then head out for the mall to do a little shopping. The kids enjoyed the short mall tour as they marvelled over the displayed halloween costumes. The father and I assured them that come next halloween, we'll make sure that they will all have their costumes and we're going to attend all the halloween costume parties in town.

We capped our day with a dinner of pizza and pasta courtesy of Tito Ahmad at Giacominos in Robinsons. Truly it was one exhilirating belated halloween escapade for all of us which left the kids with sun burn and smile on their faces!


  1. maayo na lang gani wala ko nabughat sa kakapoy lits ay he he

  2. great halloween treats, indeed! take a look what we had here in the land of smiles instead of halloween.
    thanks pala sa dalaw, jinkz.