Friday, November 6, 2009

Sir Bob's Black Sambo

Sir Bob Munasque, in the center, together with other SCIPSI managers
(photo grabbed from

Mr. Gabriel Munasque or simply Bob to his friends and close associates is one person whom God must have bestowed all the good qualities we always look for in a man. He is God-fearing, good looking, generous, goodhearted, and most of all a gallant boss with great and genuine concern towards his people. This is evident by the way his employees regard and treat him as their boss.

Aside from all these good qualities this one of a kind man have, there is still this one trait of him that made me say - he's simply amazing!
The guy can cook and prepare food that could easily satisfy one's palate. In other words, he's also a gourmet! In fact, I am one of those privileged few who were given the chance to partake of his mouth watering Black Sambo. A very tempting and sinful dessert made out of a mixture of gelatine, cream, milk and chocolate. It was very delectable and could make you crave for more. I couldn't wait to have a taste of Sir Bob's other gastronomic offering!

Photo below is Sir Bob's Black Sambo
(please bear with my cam, it was not set properly during the pic taking)

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  1. i didn't know that my roommate in college can cook!!!