Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Baby Raffy's Red Letter Day

November 19, 1992, 4:32 PM, will forever be etched in my heart. That was the very first moment I heard and saw my little baby cry. A sound which seemed like music to my ears and brought unending great joy in my heart. I still remember vividly those cute little palms I tried to hold with my own and the calmness I felt when I hold her in my arms.

I was with her when she first smiled, crawled and stood up on her own. I was also with her when she started spreading her wings by excelling in the academic world. A feat that made me and her father the proudest parents in the world. Apart from being the best in everything she does, she remained humble and sweet as she is. A loving daughter to us, a supportive and caring sister to her siblings and most of all, a God fearing and responsible individual out to prove her mettle but bears in her mind the importance of keeping grounded.


Thank you, Baby, may you'll be truly enriched with all the lessons taught and learned in life!


  1. the baby is now a lady! happy birthday, raffy!

  2. thank you, sir ormz and sheng - we'll celebrate when she comes home for christmas :-)

  3. thank you mama! :D I Love you so much ni papa! :)