Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Laughed and Posed with John Lapuz

It's my dear friend, Romy P., tickling John Lapuz to the bones!

At the Gensan Airport, it is likely that one will have the chance to laugh and pose with celebrities and almost celebrities!

Romy and I had the chance of a lifetime when we spotted John Lapuz as he waits for his fetchers to bring him to KCC Mall. We took the opportunity of having our pictures taken with this bubbly comedian. Kudos to John for being so accommodating! I love him for this.

The author with the man who always makes her laugh. . .


  1. your post reminds me of the time when john was the emcee in our national christmas party at splash (maker of maxi-peel,etc.) in manila. siya rin nag-award ng pinanalunan ko na La Germania sa sign-in raffles at tinukso niya pa nga ako dahil buntis ako noon sa eldest ko at swerte daw. hmmm that was 15 yrs ago and he's still on the go!

  2. wow, may clsoe encounter pud diay ka sa iyaha Ms. A, ako lagi, touch ko sa iyahang pag ka warm. . .