Monday, November 16, 2009

Movies in my Mind

The author managed to watch a movie last weekend at the newly opened Robinson's Mall. It was directed by Director Roland Emmerich, the same guy who gave us Independence Day. The film was quite entertaining but I found it so absurd. I did not enjoy the movie thoroughly because of not so impressive sub-plots. One saving point of the movie is you'll be able to see several remarkable landmarks including the Himalayas before and supposed to be during destruction.

I have here a list of movies with Cebuano subtitles (provided by Sir Jouie).
Some were worth watching and some were not too. Hope you'll find this entertaining.

Black Hawk Down- Naay Kabog sa Silong

Million Dollar Baby- Anak ni Bill Gates

Mary Poppins- Nibuto si Maria

Snakes on a Plane- Nag-eroplano ang Akong Traydor nga Higala

The Postman Always Rings Twice- Tao Sa Poste Nabagtingan ug Kaduha

Sum of All Fears- Pundok sa mga Hadlokan

Swordfish- Tinadtad nga Isda

Pretty Woman- " Akong uyab "

Robin Hood, Men in Tights- Robin Hood ug ang mga Kuyog, Bugdo ug Gisul-ob

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ako, Ikaw, Kamong Tanan

Click - Gituslok

Brokeback Mountain- Buktot sa Bukid

The Day of the Dead- Kalag-kalag

Waterworld- Tubig-tubig

Employee of the Month - Ang Sipsip

Resident Evil - Akong Ugangan Niipon Namo

Kill Bill- Patya ang Maningil og Bayad sa Utang

Never Been Kissed- Batig Nawong

Beauty and the Beast- Akong uyab og ang among silingan

Die Hard- Gahi Mamatay

Lost In Space- Wa Katugpa

Paycheck - Sweldo

What Lies Beneath- Namakak sa Silong

Superman, The Return - Si Superman Nibalik, nahabilin ang dyaki

Cinderella Man - Bayot d i si Cinderella

Schindler's List- Listahan sa utang ni Schindler

Men In Black- Mga Laki nga Itom ug Bugan

The Day After Tomorrow- Balik lang Sunod Ugma

Catch Me If You Can- Gukod!

A Bug's Life - Ang Kinabuhi sa gamayng Buyog

The Rock - Ang Shabu

Jaws - Panga

Saturday Night Fever- Sabado sa Gabii, Gihilantan

The English Patient - Ang Pasyenteng nga Di Kahibalo Magbinisaya

The Horse Whisperer- Dunay Gihunghung sa Kabayo

The Forgotten- Ang Nakalimtan nga utang

How about you, what's your favorite movie? in Cebuano?


  1. Overall the movie was very good, graphics is really really good!

    But something didn't convinced me.. after the devastation.. earthquakes..volcanic eruptions and all... it just took the earth a few weeks to settle down?

    That just won't happen, just the eruption of the super volcano at yellow stone national park should have released tons and tons of debris into the atmosphere, blocking the sun, and should have triggered another ice age... should have last for many decades, if not thousand more years before the earth's climate will settle back to a habitable and "normal" state.

    my 2 cents

  2. Tnx, Leonard!

    Yeah, in terms of graphics and editing, the movie excelled. . .

    I just can't take the concept which for me is very unrealistic. . . I couldn't bear to see people dying helplessly :-(