Friday, July 10, 2009

My Bathroom Needs Renovation

I just arrived from a nightout with close friends. We spent the night eating, drinking and chatting while listening to a live band in one of the watering holes of the city. The food though not so great succeeded in satisfying our gustatory buds. The music though not so good still made us sway as we spent the night enjoying each others' company.
Despite the disappointment of not meeting my expectation on the supposed to be Mexican themed night, I still would want to go back to where we just came from. It is because I love their al fresco setting, the abundance of their flowering plants and their magnificent bathroom. A bathroom like it's been taken out straight from the pages of a glamorous magazine. A bathroom which I'm sure of was made by skilled people with a vision to satisfy each and every user.
The thought of the beautiful bathroom still lingers in my mind while I am now home and resting in the comfort of my bed. I don't feel sleepy at all because I am now contemplating on having my own bathroom renovated just the way I like it to be. Moreso, I know that Raleigh Remodeling Contractor is just a click away should I wish to look for experts to work on this. The contractor is known for their belief that any job worth doing is worth doing well. Any second thought on this project is far from my mind as of this moment. I am bent on having my bathroom renovated and I want it soon.


  1. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Hello ate jinky. congrats ani ha, help kita on other sites pa. more datung for you. mwa mwa mwa miss ka na namin.

  2. Thanks a lot, Rose! Mas nag-eenjoy ako mag blog ngaun ha ha ha