Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Television for a Better Vision

I have been experiencing headaches lately. The kind that won't make me finish watching my favorite telenovelas. I thought at first that I just need a new pair of eyeglasses. But after seeing my optometrist and having my new eyeglasses, the headaches still persisted. The pain made me irritable to the extent that watching television became annoying on my part.
Good thing that I was invited to the house of a very good friend. This friend of mine is very particular when it comes to household appliances. She always sees to it that only quality and priceless appliances are brought in their beautiful home. She then invited me to watch the new movie of our favorite actress inside her music room with a mini theater system. I wanted to refuse at first but I don't want to disappoint her so I obliged with her request. Much to my amazement, the headache did not bother me a bit all through out the screening period.
I confided to her my problem regarding the frequent headaches and how I associated it with my vision problem. She just laughed and told me that the problem is my good old TV set and not my vision. She further emphasized that high end television with top of the line accessories is pleasant to the eyes and watching shows using it will be doing us more good than harm. She elaborated on all the good aspects a new television possess. Finally, she wind up her lecture with the assurance that she will help me in acquiring a new TV set. A piece of good news that literally made my eyes and smile wider. Thanks, techie friend!

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