Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bid for the Best Beds

Sleep has not overcome me yet. I just can't close my eyes as I keep on turning and tossing on my bed. Perhaps an after effect of the capuccino I had a few hours ago. Several thoughts keep flashing on my mind as I lay awake on my bed. Finally, an idea sank on me that made me smile. It's the thought that I have a nice bed and how I acquired this.

Several months ago, an appliance store located just below our office had their closing out sale. Items were up for grabs at very, very low prices. For a thousand and five hundred pesos, one can already choose among the sala set, refrigerator, washing machine, double deck beds and this matrimonial bed. I already have all of these but I still decided to purchase the bed. It's a big one, quite heavy because the body is made of steel, and the cushion on it is just too nice to let go of. Without hesitation I bought it and had it delivered in the house. After a week, I saw the same make of bed at one of the department stores here and to my surprise it cost twelve times the price when I acquired it. Lucky bid and pick, indeed.

Now as continue contemplating, a new idea popped up on me. I know one of these days I'll be bidding again for one of the nicest beds because I knew of a website offering classy and quality beds at affordable prices. Who knows, I might just end up again bidding and picking the best one at the best price ever.

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