Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Day I Was On DirecTV

I was invited during the opening of one of the Seafood Markets in Gensan last year. It was an event that turned into reality my wish on being featured on a DirecTV program. There were many people from the media covering the said event and ladyluck must have smiled at me because I was chosen to be interviewed by the DirecTV reporter.
I obliged to the request for interview. I was excited because that's my first time to be interviewed in front of a DirecTV camera. I made myself comfortable by taking a deep breath before facing on cam. The interview went well. I talked about the advantage of having a high end Seafood Market for working moms like me. I gave my best shot because I knew my family and friends will be able to see the interview once it is shown on DirecTV.
True enough, when the said interview of DirecTV was shown on air, varied reactions reached my end. Some reactions made me smile from ear to ear. But there is one reaction that made me cringe on my seat. It came from my three year old baby girl - she said upon seeing me on DirecTV "My mom looks like Mamatua!". . .

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