Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fetish on Looking and Feeling Great

Just like any dame in town, I, too, have this fetish on looking and feeling good with the aid of cosmetics. My week won't be complete if I could not visit my favorite saloon and have my nails manicured and pedicured. It has been my habit also to go through hand and foot spa at least once a month. It's quite costly but it's worth it because nothing beats the feeling of being clean and presentable.
Although I don't wear make up very often, I also have this engrossment for several beauty products. I have a collection of lipsticks in different shades, eyeshadows, foundations, and other make up and beauty kits. Most of these items are gifts from friends and others are output of my being an impulsive buyer. I really just can't resist buying quality beauty items especially if they're on sale at discounted prices.
My inclination on these beauty products is understandable. My job involves facing people from different walks of life everyday. I intend to look stunning as I face them in order to show that they are important to me. They are great people and they deserve nothing less. Facing them with a beautiful outlook and looks may be an obsession on my part but I have proven it time and again that it is one effective way of earning respect and admiration.