Thursday, September 3, 2009

Terrific Horrific Halloween Costumes

Good friends posing with a skeleton on Halloween eve
Halloween is fast approaching and for sure as early as today preparation for the event is starting to heat up. Looking for the best halloween costumes used to be nightmarish. Nightmare in the sense that there were only a handful of stores then offering for grabs assorted costumes fitted for the halloween.
It's a different thing nowadays because even on the net, one can choose halloween costumes that best fit one's budget. It can even be delivered for free right at your own doorstep. This is one of technology's offshoot that I love the most.
During my younger days, we use to spend our halloween spooking and scaring poor little children in the neighborhood. Doing this made us literally rolling and laughing at the same time. Making fun not only of our victims but of our looks as well. Lola's old clothes and helpless papaya fruits complemented by glowing candles in the dark were our usual props then. It was fun and nostalgic reminiscing those days of our naughtiness.
Today, one now has the choice to wear halloween costumes ranging from terrific to horrific. It just depends on your liking and budget on how you would want yourself to look like. You may opt to become an angel, fairy, ninja or devil and demon. Thanks to this site that offers a wide array of halloween costumes at affordable prices.
I am looking forward to the next halloween eve while I start figuring out on what/who I want to be. I am also anticipating at looking on my friends' pictures with different halloween characters in tow.

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