Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh My Golly Ugly Sweaters

Just how ugly are ugly sweaters?
Based on definition, an ugly sweater is an overly-gaudy garment that is often adorned with large applique or knitted cartoon-like figures and sometimes made of bad color combinations. Beading, bells, buttons and sequins are sometimes used to embellish the garment.
I got interested on this kind of garment when my daughter was preparing for her trip to Baguio during one christmas. I told her that I will look for women's holiday sweaters or christmas sweaters for her to put on while she's in the city of Pines. I was quite appalled by her response because she told me that "I must look for ugly sweaters because those are nicer!" I wanted to react but knowing my daughter, I know she's not the kind who would play a joke on her beloved innocent looking mom (:-)
Without her knowing it, I made my research and true enough, based on definition, ugly sweaters are more beautiful. This realization made me utter Oh My Golly!

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