Friday, September 18, 2009

A Golden Wedding to Remember

September 17, 1959
Engr Leonardo N. Olaer and Ms. Ederlina Dellosa first tied the knot.

50 years after. . .

September 17, 2009
the couple, Nards and Derlie, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a
golden wedding ceremony officiated by Father Nonito Adorable, CP and again witnessed by the same ninongs and ninangs who stood by them 50 years ago. . .

The couple as they marched down the aisle. . .
A picture of bliss. . .

The yummy chocolate wedding cake baked by daughter in law, Leonie.
I learned later from her that she only used five kilos of flour in baking this beautiful cake.
Nice job, Leonie!

Nards and Derlie's children with cousin Rose

The author with fashion icon cousin, Henry O. Montilla of DOLE XI.
He also hosted the very lively program during the reception.
The author with her kids who formed part of the entourage.
Only five of them since the Ate is in Manila.

I consider this 50 years of togetherness of my uncle and aunt simply amazing! This is a clear picture of endless love with a boundless room for patience and understanding. I really admire couples like them and as they move on to a new threshold in their lives, I am praying for their continued good health and good life!

Congratulations to their children and grandchildren for having damn good parents and grandparents!


  1. 50 years of marriage is an achievement!congrats to them...

  2. thanks, lits! yeah, amazing lagi kaayo watching them walking the aisle with their ninongs and ninangs. . . grabe!