Monday, September 7, 2009

Inkai's Tunafest '09 Escapade

Tuna Festival '09 proved to be one of the author's busiest yet happiest
exciting activities laden days!
(many thanks, of course, to the famous Manansala brothers!)
luncheon tete a tete with Davao and Gensan bloggers at Sarangani Highlands
courtesy of SMART Communication's Ms. Heide

photo op with our beloved Mayor Jun and First Lady Rose Acharon together with the man himself, Bariles, Davao web celebrities, Blogie, Lyle, Brendel, Angel, Chattee and Doc Jim

Beep, beep - here comes the VIPs of the Kamikaze concert

very kodak (y) pose with the soon to be Pogi Senator, Congressman Teddy CasiƱo, Gensan's pride Avel, Marzz and Davao Bloggers, Blogie, Angel, Chattee and Doc Jim

wacky pose during the Mardi Gras in Pioneer Avenue with the very indispensable
Tuna Festival Director Orman O. Manansala,
Bariles, CJ and co-judges Angel, Brendel and Lyle

posing time with happy kapusos!

Brendel, Inkai and Angel with a charming Mardi Gras participant

on stage with the very beautiful Brendel

Many thanks to Davao and Gensan photographers for capturing this
kodak(y) moments!



  1. ang taray ng pix!!! bonggacious!!!

  2. Ganda ganda natin mare! Puro mga celebrities tayo di ba?

    Am glad you really enjoyed our Tunafest bonding!

    There's more to come!

    Magandang GenSan na rin!

  3. Ate, I really enjoyed spending GTX with you. Masaya kang kasama.

    Salamat sa pabaon ninyong dalawa ni Kuya Arnel.:-)

  4. Thank you, guys! Kitakits soon!

  5. Ganda ng pictures! I enjoyed the festival, lalo na ang garden show. I'm broke. Dami ko nabili herbs :)

  6. gay, am glad that you enjoyed your GTX! patikim naman luto mo na gamit yang mga herbs ha. . . he he

  7. nice pix esp d floats on your other post!made me miss gensan more.was surprised to see my old time friend teddy at one of your pix.have lost touch w/ him for aaaages.running for senator pala siya huh?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. yeah, Ms. Eunice, your good friend is running for senator... let's wish all the luck!