Monday, September 21, 2009

Shaken, Not Stirred

I am not fond of drinking alcoholic drinks. I only drink for three reasons; when I'm happy, sad and when it's for free. These three reasons were at hand when I witnessed the bartending and wine mixing competitions of South Ranex students held at Olaer Swimming Resort over the weekend. :-)

I got to witness preparation of drinks such as Cuba Libre, Campari Orange, El Presidente, Mimosa, Silver Bronx, Garibaldi, South Seas, Mocha Slush, Golden Fizz, Daquiri and a lot, lot more. Would you believe, they also prepared drinks tagged as Swimming Pool and Sex on the Beach :-)

'luv this one, a mixture of gin and blue curacao, it's called Dunk! You'll feel like dunking your head on the pool after a round of this drink. .

There are lot of drinks also prepared the way James Bond 007 loved it most. And I also had the chance of tasting it all.

Students and onlookers pre occupied with their stuff. . .

a picture of happy wine tasters! With this, I vowed never to drink again if I want to take good pictures. . . :-)


  1. hi jinky thanks for dropping by at my site
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    hmmm looks seems that you all really had so much fun there...
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  2. hi jinky! thanks for the visit, basa basa nako imong blog murag pareha man ta bisaya, asa man ka dapit sa atoa day jink, ako from davao del sur pero among balay karon naa sa comval unya naa ko karon sa Canada puyo, ikaw taga asa ka? taga gensan ka? amiga mi ni lynn na taga gensan sad. take care...

  3. hi, norm! salamat pud sa pagduaw! Comval jud diay inyo gigikanan? duol duol ra na diri sa Gensan baya. . . suroy suroy balik ha. . .

  4. Wow, sus, sayang, gi-ingnan unta mi nimo, uban mi tasting session, hahaha.

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  7. I LOVE the drink Sex on the Beach! Mmmmm! Thanks for stopping by my blog.