Friday, August 26, 2011

My T4th Birthday

I celebrated my ___4th birthday yesterday. It was a day with lots of realization for me.

I left my previous age with several heartbreaking events and several worth remembering dates.

  • I started my day yesterday with a solemn prayer inside the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish church.
  • As usual, a busy day in the Office but still I had the chance to do some reflections.
I have been telling everybody that I have moved on after what had happened to my brother,Allan, and a dear cousin, Alice. Truth of the matter is I haven't yet. My heart is still broken and I still have once in a while that empty feeling inside of me.

But the outpouring love and concern I received yesterday made me realize that there is no reason for me to be still living in a bad dream. Many people care for me and they do deserve to be taken cared of also. You are worth my while and for the times I have forgotten you, my apology.

My day ended with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to our Lord almighty for the infinite love and all the graces he has bestowed on me.

To you, my friends and loved ones, you are the reason why I have this very thankful heart now. I am moving on, definitely, because of you....
thank you very much!


  1. Belated happy birthday, Jinkz! Sorry, was out of track sa blogging sa sobrang bz. So on and off muna ako prang ginagawa ko na lng na journal if may time ako mag-blog.Kc my baby turns off the computer once I take to much time in front of it, hahaha! Anyways, hope you had a great birthday blast. God bless you & your family! Mwahugs!!!

  2. thanks a lot, Ms A! miss u ...