Monday, August 15, 2011

My eyes are green with veggies

Gardening, aside from cooking, keeps me busy nowadays. Enemy bugs are now my friends :-D (Tnx to Mam Ding and Sir Nick!). I realized that organic farming is not that hard after all. All I need is a little help from friends who know about gardening.
Now I know that we can eliminate small pests with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid.
Plants as they grow need support (just like us...) they need water, sunlight, tender loving care and most of all, they need us to to keep watch over them.

Everyday I am surrounded by greens and frankly, I'm loving it!
holy basil (if you care for some basil tea,
please feel free to drop by our simple abode :-D)

plastic twines being readied for the string beans

the bitter gourds (ampalaya) on a race to the top of the bamboo stick :-D


  1. Gardening is a very relaxing activity and eating the veggies you've grown is very gratifying. :)

  2. you're right, Sir G! di na nako mapansin ang oras basta naga gardening ko ba esp if kauban nako mga kids he he gipanglubong namo mga bugs unya amo na pud gikalot kay nalooy mi:-D