Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jinky's 2011 Top Emerging Influential Blogs

My entry to last year's Search for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs made me $100 richer. Sana maulit muli he he he :-D

For this year's search for Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project, here are my choices:

Eat’s Terrific
need I say more? one of the best bloggers in the whole universe
a blogger with a very big heart and I miss him so much!

Bookworm of Gensan
a blog of a very smart and intelligent person I idolized, miss him too!

Kikay Much - a blog of a 100% certified fashionista!

Mother’s Instincts - a blog of my co-public servant ... a must read blog for all moms out there!

I Am Ariel Lalisan - a blog of a person na sobrang lalim! hats off to you, sir!

Pinay Travelogue - a blog you won't get tired of reading over and over again!

General Joana – again, a must read blog! reading her posts would make you conclude, gosh, this girl is so intelligent!

Libotero – if you want to smile, visit this blog!

Markable Me - a blog of a very promising, young lad! and

last but not the least, my very own

Jinky’s Kitchen World – my food blog. This blog is very me. It features simple and affordable but yummy recipes.

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  1. salamat ng marami sa iyong suporta Ma'am Jinks! Mwah!

  2. wooh...thank you, Sir G and sheng! mwah!

  3. tinkyu beri mats jinkay... miss you more!!!

  4. yey, miss you too, boss orms!

    you're welcome, nette!

  5. Hi Jinky. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13.

  6. wowww ang galing i love the short description of each blogs... Next Year, i will join this event, mag submit nah din meh ng list koh...