Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yo Harvey's !

There's a new food haven in Gensan.
This is a comfy place wherein the food is heavenly.
Nibble and taste the best herbed and spiced ribs
and other very affordable gastronomic offerings.
This place is called Harvey's!
Owned and managed by lovely duo Malot Veneracion and Bidot Calma.
Once you've tried their yummy dishes you'll keep on coming back for more, for sure!

Meanwhile, let our eyes feast on their overly delicious foodies!
ribs grilled to perfection with sweet corn side dish

this one's with cherry potatoes on the side. . . yummy!

Harvey's assorted dips and sauces (all I can say is. . . sosyal!)

it's the same best tasting barbequed ribs ( the only difference is it's for hating magkapatid, kapamilya, kapuso and so on and so forth. . .)

super sarap super spicy ribs with special spices and seasoning ( i love this! promise)

Harvey's burger patties with special gravy and greens on the side ( sarap kainin sans rice)

barbeque addicts like me. . . this is for us. . .their barbeque combo. . . juiciest chicken and shrimps barbeques I've tasted so far

No need to worry
All these mouthwatering dishes are very affordable at Harvey's
Check it out on their menu, yo!

so what are you waiting for?
give them a ring (for your orders)
or better still
visit their place
and experience the heavenly delight of tasting the freshly cooked
best ribs in town!
I can tag along, if you wish, basta ba it's on you! Yo! :-)

(BIG tnx to Malot, Bidot, Boss Ormz, Bariles, Marz and hubby Arnel
for the nice evening and good company!)


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