Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gotcha TG

good friend Melinda Betaizar, TG and me

Since it is election time in the Philippines, it is but normal to see a deluge of politicians wherever one goes. This statement was affirmed when I saw senatoriable Teofisto (TG) Guingona III at the Gensan Airport the other day. I also saw Ms. Solita Monsod and Vice Presidentiable Loren Legarda there.

That was the third time I saw Sir TG in person and the first time ever I asked for a picture of him taken with me. The mestizo senatoriable was so accommodating. He even suggested as to where we should pose since the lighting was not that good. He even engaged me and my daughter to a very interesting conversation.

The night before, we saw sir TG at the East Asia Royale hotel. He was with ABS CBN's Henry Omaga-Diaz. It was heartwarming to see them pose as I clicked my cam.

the duo obliged to pose with big smiles

Out of small gestures, come big surprises. Sir TG's being so approachable and always ready with a smile, earned him the No. 2 spot on my list of senatoriables. :-D

We're from Mindanao and I think it is also fitting and proper to include in our choices our very own leaders.

Gotcha, Sir TG!

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