Monday, April 5, 2010

Taking Time to Trek by the River

poised even if gasping for breath :-)

We had the chance of taking a short trek by the Silway River last Good Friday. Tiring but it was fulfilling to the eyes and soul. Managed to commune a bit with nature and we had the chance to visit and appreciate the beauty of the river and its surroundings despite its blemishes.

My memory of the good old river is composed of flowing clean and clear waters. Now it's starting to turn brownish and grayish owing to the growing number of businesses and populace thriving along the river banks.

But the greens, the boulders and a few carabaos are still a sight to behold in this beautiful river. Seeing all of these made me wide eyed as I relished the memories of my childhood.

The short trek brought out lot of stories told to my kids. My fondest memories of the Silway River and stories of what and how was it to trek by this river now and then. . .

my kids taking a rest while bonding with each other atop rocks submerged in the waters

Looking forward for the next chance of taking a trek by the river. . . and hopefully
the waters will be cleaner and clearer by then!


  1. No scratches? Kelan tayo pig out?

  2. nope :-) yeah, let's go out na asap. . .