Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Only Thing that's Constant is Change

The famous Bariles of GenSan News Online Mag rocks with his latest Christian Bautista’s Constant Change GenSan Concert blog contest. This concert is in coordination with co-presentors and major sponsors Drumbeat Ventures, Starbright Office Depot, Vertical Builders, DGO Depot and the Gensan City Mayor's Office.

I am interested to watch the upcoming concert of this famous 28 year old balladeer because he has done justice to all songs of Jose Mari Chan he has recorded. In fact, I love his versions more than the other artists' interpretation of JMC's soul stirring songs.

One particular Jose Mari Chan piece, also interpreted by Christian Bautista, I have not grown tired of listening over and over again is Constant Change. This is so because I do believe that in this world the only thing that's forever constant is. . . change. Change that is so inevitable that it won't be surprising anymore if one day another homegrown artist will come out with his/her own version of this song.

As the song goes. . .

We're on the road
We move from place to place
And oftentimes when I'm about to call it home
We'd have to move along
Life is a constant change...
we all believe in this, don't we?

The friends we know we meet along the way
Too soon the times we share form part of yesterday
'Cause life's a constant change
And nothing stays the same, oh no
this is really, really true. . . ( am dedicating this part of the song to a very good friend of mine who passed away recently. . .) the loss was so painful but I have to move on. . . letting go of painful memories while cherishing all the happy moments we have spent together!

Clouds that move across the skies
Are changing form before our very eyes

Why couldn't we keep time from movin' on?
Hold on to all the years before this moment's gone?
Why must we live the days at such a frightening pace?

We're all like clouds that move across the skies
And changing form before our very eyes
Indeed, time moves so swiftly. . .treasure every moment we have. . . make sure that we spend it with the ones we love... for time's a changing, it's approaching, but we still don't know when. . .

Have we outgrown our Peter Pans and wings?
We've simply grown too old for tales of knights and kings
'Cause life's a constant change
And nothing stays the same, oh no

We may have grown older and wiser now but I know and I still believe that there was "once upon a time" and that "they lived happily ever after" will continue to dwell as long as we try very hard to cope with this continually changing God given life!

God bless, everyone!

Addendum: It's interesting to know that Bariles, Sir Gilbert Tan, me and the guy I eventually married, Arnel, were all in one place when Jose Mari Chan had his concert here in Gensan in the early 90's. In fact, one of the treasured mementos I have, is an authographed picture of Jose Mari Chan from that concert. That picture formed part of the many gifts given to me by my beloved before we got married. :-)


  1. Hala Jinky, grabe coincidence no? :)

  2. lagi sir, what a coincidence!:-) I had a 24 inch waistline then pa. . . he he

  3. Ganda naman ng entry. So touching. Love this song by Jose Mari Chan, too. Wow, tlga 24 lng noon waistline mo? Muling ibalik ang nakaraan... kanta yon di ba, hahaha! Sana manalo ka uli, Jinkz.
    Good luck!

  4. sana this time sabay ta tan- aw hehe...

  5. hi Ms. A! thank you. . . yeah, I was sexier then :-) now, if I'll say it in a song - it would be . . . wish ko laaaaang. . .he he

  6. yeah, tolits! dapat sabay jud ta. . .naa baya ko long overdue gift for you. . .aged na kaau ni ba. . mura na og tanduay :-)

  7. HI te Jinky! Nice gyud ning song na ni. I agree "change' is inevitable.. See you sa concert =)*muah*