Monday, March 15, 2010

My SMI Escapade (Part 2)

photo by Ms. Dimple Dulay

After the SMI Competence Center, the group's next stop was at the Corefarm. This is the place wherein I had my first encounter with true to life geologists, metallurgists and MS engineers. Aside from brilliance, these people also possess the gift of being good looking ( am I right dear bloggers? :-D) (My belief that Harrison Ford truly personifies who and what a miner is has been affirmed!)

photo inside the Corefarm by Doc. Remo Aguilar

Right next to the Corefarm was the SMI Nursery wherein one can find an assortment of plants (trees, flowers, etc.) ready for distribution to nearby communities and other interested stakeholders. There I learned that they have already planted and distributed over 250,000 seedlings in the project area and neighboring communities as part of SMI's reforestation program.
seedling photo courtesy of Orman M.

To show that they truly care for the environment, all of these
are maintained and can be found within the SMI Compound

butterfly house inside the nursery (photo by Dimple Dulay)

It's me and the smaller insects (photo by Dimple Dulay)

bloggers listening intently as the functions of SMI Automatic Weather station
are being explained (photo by Dimple Dulay)

baby butterflies, truly a sight to behold for photographers!
(photo by Dimple Dulay)

To sum up, this part of our SMI escapade is a good reminder that
We must and should always care for our environment and mother nature!

Up next, the thrilling and exciting ride towards a community unaffected
by modernization and globalization


  1. wow! nice post te Jinky. Buti na lang sumama ako sa SMI Discovery. I've learned a lot, dati kasi medyo negative ang tingin ko sa kanila.. Wish you luck sana manalo ka sa blog contest =)

  2. hi, cids! thanks for droppin by. . .yeah, 'twas an activity we'll surely remember forever. . We were in the company of nice people in one nice adventure of a lifetime! had I known it earlier na may contest, nagpa nosebleed sa unta ko :-D