Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My SMI Escapade (3rd and Last Part of A Series)

pic courtesy of Ms. Donna Mae Congson

After a hearty meal at the SMI Nursery, Socsksargen bloggers together with SMI people advanced to our next destination - Sitio Sanlaong, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat.

We all had the chance of experiencing the trek over rough roads, terrains, boulders while navigating through mountainous areas to reach our destination. The feeling was exhilarating as we braced ourselves for that one of a kind rip roaring ride to up, up there.

pic courtesy of Ms. Donna Mae Congson

The trip and the serenity of the mountains we have to cross were breathtaking or in one word, it was FANTASTIC!

If it was fantastic then the apt word to describe the community of our Blaan brothers and sisters we visited would be AMAZING. Amazing in the sense that they were able to preserve their culture and traditions despite the technological advancements and modernization of everything we have now. It's very heartwarming to note that Sagittarius Mines, Inc. is very supportive of this little community and other communities existing around the area.

The visit to Sanlaong community served as an eye opener for me. . . I now realize the beauty and significance of going back to basics. . .

my little music photo by Ms. Donna Mae Congson

planting rice dance pic by Ms. Donna Mae Congson

true happiness despite the innocence as captured thru the lens of
Mr. Armando PJ Nicolas

real beauty pic by Mr. Armando PJ Nicolas

On a lighter note, the SMI Discovery Tour turned out to be a good venue for all of us
- to take a breather from the usual hustle and bustles of our daily lives;
- to bond with each other; and
- to show to the whole wide world that we just simply don't write and take pictures but we,
bloggers, write from the heart and we take pictures because we love doing it!

pic by Doc Remo Aguilar

Kudos to SMI and its people for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity and for making us realize that we all have the responsibility of doing our own share in preserving the environment.

pic by Doc Remo Aguilar

Again, thank you and
Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

hanggang sa muli. . . . : - )


  1. very nice post!panalo!

    indeed it was very memorable experience to all of us.kudos to Sagittarius Mines Inc.!

  2. tnx, lits!
    'made this post with a heavy heart jud due to the untimely demise of a friend...

    tnx for the appreciation! hugz:-)

  3. Great post Jinky!Indeed it was an eyeopener for us! I'd be linking this post on my post!