Sunday, January 3, 2010

sayōnara ushi , harō taigā

haro taiga (hello tiger)

As the year of the tiger ushers in, I am hoping for myself to have the determination and bravery of the tiger in facing all odds. Also, for everybody affected by the recent calamities and tragedies, the author is wishing you to have the resilience of the tiger.

As I bid my goodbyes to the year of the ox, I am also leaving my huge thanks for this blissful year. This is the year wherein I had . . .

. . . a job promotion (of course, coupled with higher salary rate)
. . . a very, very much better relationship with my peers and relatives
. . . the joy in experiencing of seeing a child graduate with high honors and eventually had the chance of entering one of the best universities
in the country today

. . . the best of everything when it comes to business, relationship and work
. . . financial freedom from debts
. . . the realization that good health is still one of the
most important thing in life

. . . the opportunity of finding more and more friends in
the truest sense of the word

. . . the discovery that in blogging there is- the opportunity to be heard,
to help and to express one's self

. . . the acceptance that the not so nice things are bound to happen to remind us on what and how good things are!

sayonara ushi! Arigato gozaimasu


  1. Happy New Year po! :D

    Congratulations po sa achievements in 2009. More of theme in 2010!

  2. tnx, sir ying!

    happy new year, too! Tcare!

  3. Wow, Congrats for the achievements, I saw them all, and I am proud to be your friend!

  4. tnx, sheng!

    am prouder of you... just like me, you're a mom who is doing everything just to provide all the best for the kids. . .

    mwah! be well always!

  5. wish you more blessings this year.

  6. thank you, tolits! happy new year!