Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogoversary Special # 4: Missing My Lola Iyay

A grandmother's love is almost always beyond compare!

I am letting you, my dear friends, take a peek into Inkai's personal life and childhood memories with my two remaining blogoversary special posts. This one's about my dear Lola Iyay and other one's about the persons who brought me to your lives, my parents.

When my siblings and I were orphaned at a very early age, the one who took the place of our parents in rearing us was our grandmother. We are what we are today because of her. she nurtured us with her selfless love and care for more than twenty years. Much longer that the time we had with our own parents.

Living and growing up under our Lola's guidance proved to be one of the best thing that ever happened to me and my younger sister and brother. Life with her may not be the perfect one but it's the kind that thought us life's lessons on humility, perseverance, forgiveness and hope. I can compare the life we had with her to a sunny day that could soothe one's longing and fears.

When she passed away after a long battle with the big C, I felt sad and happy for her. She is such a big loss to us but all the lessons we learned from her kept us strong and steady as we fought our own battles sans her.

As I continue spreading my wings in the blogosphere and in everything I do, I know my Lola is somewhere up there with my parents, prouder as they watch over us.

Miss you. . .la. . .


  1. Me too, I miss my lola, Laking lola din kasi ako, I was in my high school when she passed away, and during that time she went to heaven, she left me in a dream, saying I should take care of my siblings. The morning came and I thought the dream was unreal, there in my dream, she said her last goodbyes.

  2. waah. . shengkai. . .kaya pala nag k click tayo. . .whew!. . . I miss talaga my old lady. . .

    tnx, sheng!

  3. na-miss ko tuloy mga lola ko..close din ako sa kanila. sarap magmahal ng mga lola ano. God bless ate jinks.

  4. hi, zel, yeah tinuod jud! tnx a lot!