Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st Blogoversary Special # 2: Inkai's Cool Kids

As promised, I am writing again another post in consonance with my 1st year in the blogsphere. I am writing about one of my favorite topics - my kids! I can't count the number I featured them on this blog but to give you a clearer view on who, what and how they are as beloved children of your mom blogger, I am again saying my piece:

Rafee - the eldest, is a blogger herself. She is a responsible ate to her siblings and for always, makes her momma and poppa proud
- is born right after I have Rafee. She is sweet and thoughtful although sometimes can be stubborn also :-) just like me, dude!

- named as such because pang-three-cya; She is the hitler among the six :-) because of her strictness to her three younger siblings.
Mind you, she can carry a tune and speaks good English. . .:-)

Guinevere - was born on the eve of the millenium. She's my kid who boasts
of always having fireworks during her birthdays :-) .
She's named after my favorite character in the movie First Knight.

- is my baby who cries easily just like Mom. Tell her sad tales and tears will surely fall from her eyes. A crying but very sweet baby.

- the apple of everybody's eyes. Her naughtiness and naivety do not fail to bring smiles on our faces all the time.

They are my kids and I luv them all!


  1. lovely kids..all wizard in a row!!!

  2. future members of "royal sexiness society" ! :-)

  3. bwa ha ha, tnx, anonymous!

    basta ba i acknowledge lang nila ta as founding members of the RSS :-D