Monday, January 4, 2010

A Blogoversary Special: My Zip Whiz Wish

Your mom blogger's humble "Small Steps" blog is turning a year older exactly a week from now. In line with this milestone, allow me my dear readers to share with you, everyday for a week, special moments I treasure as a blogger. This will be forever woven in the tapestry of my mind and being.

I grew up under my lola's care and guidance and her constant reminder way back then was for me to always take small steps. . . take small steps. These three words guided me as I turned from an ugly duckling into a lovely and healthy goose :-)

Being a blogger made my life turn 180 degrees. Life's monotony was broken as I embarked on my journey as a blogger. I was able to meet many exciting and selfless people and I found an avenue wherein I can express myself freely. I felt like a butterfly finally out of my cocoon. Interesting things kept on pouring in. Even my dream of being a zip whiz for a few seconds was fulfilled all because of blogging. It never dawned on me before that I'll have the chance to savor the goodness of the Lord by being able to see from up, up there the beauty of the earth He created. Out of the experience came out a new Inkai with a more thankful heart and optimistic view towards life.

Come join me in my journey as I celebrate my first year in the blogosphere!
Journey with me as I continue taking small steps towards greater heights!

By the way, friends, you need not buy any material gift for me (LOLs) . . . . all I need is your love and comments if my blog is worth your while. So what are you waiting for? Comment na. . . now na :-)


  1. congrats ate Jinky !
    wishing you more fruitful years of blogging :)

  2. thank you, thank you!

    OMG, am so honored, the great Leonard Pe ang pinakauna nag comment.

    thanks idol!

  3. surely can't afford to buy u gift/s...bow talaga ako sa write ups mo...keep it up healthy goose dapat di tayo mawala sa hanay ng mga royal sexiness :-) !!!

  4. thank you, anonymous!

    yeah, I'll be a member of the RSS (Royal Sexiness Society) forever and ever! :-)

    thank you!

  5. congratulations ingkai and i hope na masipag ka ng mag-blog from hereon... sarap basahin ng mga posts mo coz i love your prose and writing style. am sure glad to have met you thru blogging! here's to another year or should i say many more years of blogging happiness and stronger friendship!

  6. wow, thanks sir ormz!

    ansarap ng feeling to receive comments like this then galing pa talaga sa isang blogging icon!

    thank you!

  7. From small steps come giant strides which you have accomplished in your blog, Jinky! :)
    I'm so proud of what you have accomplished in life. Keep on blogging! :D

  8. Wow, that's a very touching blogoversary post! Indeed, a long journey begins with a single step. I'm so blessed to have known you through blogging, Jinkz. You just don't know that during those times when I was yet struggling on my onset of blogging about August last year, you were one of my encouragers. So here I am now - enjoying, venting out and de-stressing myself through blogging.
    May you continue to inspire others through your blog. Cheers to your "small steps"!

  9. hello ate jinks...happy new year and happy 1st blogversary...congatz!!! saan ang handaan? hehe. im glad nagkakilala tau. dahil sa blogging, nadagdagan ang mga kakilala ko dito sa gensan. mag-3 years na ako dito and im loving gensan now. more years of blogging!

  10. great bloggers Sir G, Ms. A, Liezl - thanks for the friendship - thanks for all the encouragement!

    I will treasure all of these forever. . .

    Thank you and kita kits always sa blogosphere!