Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Prestigious 5th Annual Yaman Awards Night

The Yaman Awards, being part of the YAMAN Gensan (http://yamangensan.ph) celebration is presented annually. This is spearheaded by the very active GSC - LGU, SMED Council and the Department of Trade and Industry.

The YAMAN Awards, now on its' 5th year, is continually giving honor and recognition to the Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) who have shown exemplary performance and growth in the world of entrepreneurship. Previous awardees who have proven their mettle in their respective fields are NDDU, Villamor Furniture, Allied Pacific Packaging Solutions, Cargill Philippines, Sarangani Rural Bank, KM Foods, Frescomar Seahelm Corp., and Kuya Chito's Takuyaki.
This year's winners will be bared during the grandiose presentation of the 5th Annual Yaman Awards in the evening of July 18, 2009 at the very spacious KCC Convention and Events Center. This is a strictly formal affair wherein our mighty entrepreneurs, otherwise known as the primary engine of the growth of GSC's economy, are given full honors and recognition. A night to look forward to as it brings out the best of MSMEs in Gensan.
On a personal note, the guy who would be calling the shot in the staging of 5th Annual Yaman Awards on July 18, 2009 is my very good friend - the very artistic CEMCDO Asst. Dept. Head Egay Cadiente. Knowing Egay who would not let any stone left unturned in order to come up with a good presentation, the 5th Annual Yaman Awards would surely be a blast!

(Many thanks to Bariles of www.gensantos.com for the poster above)


  1. there will be no YAMAN awards this year. a review committee is being set up to work on improving the event.

  2. kaya pala wala masyadong ingay ngayon no